SDS PLUS and SDS MAX Drills are manufactured with Nickel chromium steel, to aim high performance and to burden a strong impacts and twists and Tungsten Carbide tips with special grade giving a excellent performance. The diameters’ range is 5,0 to 40,0 mm and lengths’ range is 110 to 1000 mm.
The helical is designed with exclusive drawing for extraction of the powder, decreasing the friction and making the concrete penetration easier.
The fitting is tooled with equipments that assure the precision, providing a perfect fitting in the hammers. Through the fitting we denominated the type of the drill: • SDS Plus Fit • SDS Max Fit
Thermal Treatment
The drill suffers thermal treatment obtaining a hardness of 47-50 HRc, obtaining a smaller waste in its helical stem.
Surface Treatment
The product is treated with protective, anti-corrosive oil.
To use in concrete with high resistance, masonry , stones, granite, etc.


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