Tailor Made – Special and Custon Saws

The Tailor -Made ASCAMP saws are a differentiation in the market and can be custom manufactured according to customer's needs in various sizes ( 110-500 mm ) , number of teeth and quantity. The ASCAMP also offers the possibility of customization, having its mark on the SAWS TAILOR -MADE . The saws are made of suitable steel , with hardness of 40 HRc and with carbide teeth suitable for the material to be cut . The profiles are cut to water jet , and they can be made of any tooth shape, hole diameter, splines and hole drag. The tension which the saws are submitted, provides an excellent finishing, precise cuts and vibration, among many other security items that make the Tailor- Made ASCAMP saws are indispensable for their factory, whether furniture, aluminum window frames , etc.
Longitudinal and transversal cutting operations in generally Woods, acrylic, profile of aluminum and no ferrous material.

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